Senin, 21 Juni 2010

(another) meaningless hate and love note 04 Mei 2010 jam 21:35

so thin the line between both of them,
feeling love more and more is your way to near the hate easily,
and hate more and more is the easier way to make you feel love

at this time he hates love, and she loves hate

the world yesterday was fully monochrome with love
and so colourful with hate today,

dont ever give me your love,
let me give you my love, and the only thing you need to do just reply

dont hate me because i hate you,
and please love me if i start to love you

i hate the way you love
and love the way you hate

i hate love and love hate

nobody proper to hate
and there's no any suitable love for myself,

dont ever have any expectation with love,
dont ever fall from big expectation
dont ever love the expectation
and dont let the hate be friend with your expectation

sweet punch for love, great hate to kiss

just hate the love and love the hate

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